Sexism 60’s


What the fuck was wrong with men in the 60’s?

advertising is important as it’s the historian’s best resource for identifying the values of an era. but yeah, these were fucked. the 60s was generally as fucked as the 50s. people forget that. 

It literally says ‘men are better than women’ in bold type, what the fuck. I knew this was a thing, but that is a lack of subtlety I couldn’t have written into a spoof…

This is the generation that spawned most of our parents… People our parents’ age run Washington. Starting to make sense?

When you look to the past, the struggles of the present become a great deal more clear.

I feel like when we were children and in middle school, we didn’t care to much about our friends. They were just people it felt like, or we weren’t to close so you weren’t as affected by something.
Like this movie beaches, I watched it in 7th or 8th grade, I didn’t cry or anything. But recently I sobbed like a baby, only thinking of my friends thinking of what would happen if she died. I would miss her so fucking much. Beaches is an old movie, but it has this charm and makes you think of your friends.